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 Epoxy coated for extreme durability!


Designed with a new custom coyote logo this badge replicates the GT350 style for your Mustang 5.0. Put it on your grille similar to the GT350 or center it on your blank rear decklid.


Why the "-ish"? The "color match" options are close approximations using our available pantone colors. This is NOT Ford paint so will not be an exact match. However, we did our best to make it close!


Note: This will NOT cover the holes left on the factory decklid by itself.

However, Check out our new "Holey Decklid" Moulding strip kit which will cover the holes!

Customers have also been successful in filling/re-painting the factory decklid or applying automotive vinyl over the entire panel.


We have switched to one badge that can be used on either the grille or the decklid. The grille bolts are screwed into threaded holes on the back of the badge or you can use the included double sided tape for the decklid. The badge itself remains the same high-quality you're used to.



1- Coyote Style Badge

1- Grille Mount hardware kit

1- 3M VHB Double-sided tape



Coated Nickel Alloy Metal with Enamel Fill (Not cheap ABS like other offerings)

Width - 2"

Height - 3.5"

One- Off Coyote Badges

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