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Have you always wanted a GT350 style rear badge but didn't want to pay the $150+ for a new aftermarket blank decklid? Well there's finally a solution! These moulding strips will cover the holes left on your stock decklid after removal of the "Pony" or "GT" emblems. These work with any aftermarket GT350 style badge, not just our own. The GT350 style badge will cover 2 of the holes, these moulding strips will cover the other 2. For 2015-2017 Mustangs.



+ Two 15" gloss black moulding strips with 3M tape - Enough to reach the edge of your decklid. In the photo above we cut them a bit shorter (Around 13" each) so they would be about 1" from each edge similar to the 2018+ Mustang decklid.

+ Alcohol prep wipe

+ Install instructions

"Holey Decklid" - Stock Decklid Moulding Kit

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