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Caring for your Badges

It is important to keep your new badges clean and protected to ensure they last a long time.

Most of our badges are made out of a metal alloy which is then painted and finished with a marine-grade epoxy.

These badges will last many years if cared for properly.

  1. Wash your badge regularly with an automotive safe detergent.

  2. After washing, always dry your badge! Hard water can etch the epoxy finish just as it can you car's clear coat.

  3. We recommend a spray wax after every wash. This will protect your badge from damaging UV rays and also prevent degradation should hard water or other contaminants dry on your badge.

  4. At least once a month, wax your badge with an automotive grade wax. Natural and synthetic waxes will both work. The key is to keep a layer on the badge so that the epoxy can never become damaged.

  5. That's it! As long as your badge is cleaned and protected regularly, you will have no issues.

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