For the love of Mustangs

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Hello, My name is Matt Fry. I am the Owner of MF Auto Designs LLC. and I am a lifelong Mustang fanatic. The MF in the company name stands for both.

My Mustang History:

My first Mustang was a 1999 GT premium in performance red. It had the 35th anniversary package with the black exterior accents and two tone leather interior. It was the first car that I maintained and modified myself.

My second Mustang was a 2004 GT premium in silver. After losing my first car in an accident I wasn't ready to give up on the new edge just yet. I found this car bone stock with only 19k miles on the clock (This was in 2011). I replicated most of the 35th anniversary package exterior modifications from my first car. Other then basic bolt-ons I added full exhaust, various suspension mods, and a few other misc items. The car was daily driven up in Pittsburgh for a number of years. I recently sold it with 59,9XX on the clock to my twin sister (also a big Mustang fan) so it's still in the family.

Pictured here is my 3rd and current Mustang. It is a 2015 GT Premium with the performance package. Jumping from a 2004 directly to the S550 was an eye opening experience to say the least. This car is on a completely different level not only from a performance stand point but also fit, finish, and interior quality. Needless to say I absolutely love it.

Our goal:

We are small and we plan to stay that way. This allows us to focus 100% on you the customer. Some of our advantages:

  • A direct line to the company owner.

  • Top-notch customer support and always honest communication.

  • A focused product line of proven designs along with our own custom designed offerings only available here.